Forty Acres and Beyond: – Black Communities, Food Sovereignty and Climate Change

[This text was originally published in AREA Chicago #15 in December 2015]

“Raise Awareness and a Garden – Part 2” was a panel discussion organized and facilitated by Eric Kofi Xola Malone and the Chicago Wisdom Project in April 2015, at the South Side Food Forest on Chicago’s South Side. It was a follow-up to a similar event organized the year before, to deepen the public discussion around food sovereignty, land use, Black farmers and climate change. Panelists included: Diallo Kenyatta (Empowering Youth Through Travel/Bloom Cooperative Enterprises), Safia Rashid (Your Bountiful Harvest), Theodore Richards (Wisdom Project), Michael Tekhen (Healthy Food Hub), Gregory Bratton (Gregory Urban Farming, I Grow Chicago), Kenya Vera Sample and Julian Sample (Soilutions). AREA #15: Healing and Repair contains an excerpted transcript of this panel discussion. Here is a full video documentation.

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