This is the online archive of AREA Chicago, a print/online publication and event series in Chicago between 2005-2015. AREA released 15 thematic print “issues” focused on the intersection of art, research, education and activism in Chicago which are archived at numerous locations throughout Chicago (Read/Write Library, the Never the Same “Chicago Ephemera Collection” at the Newberry Library, Cook County Historic Archives and Records Office, Marc Fischer’s Public Collectors and Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection), the Alternative Press Center in Baltimore, the Interference Archive in Brooklyn, The Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) in LA, and internationally at Transductores in Barcelona and Contact Points Archive Project housed at Asia Culture Center in Gwangju South Korea. Additionally, AREA hosted numerous events and occasionally developed special projects including publishing mapping projects, books and zines. Some materials are still available for purchase through Half Letter Press.

Note: This website: areachicagoarchive.wordpress.com is now the official archive source for AREA Chicago back issues. Half Letter Press is currently handling sale of remaining back issues on paper, and remaining imprints. areachicago.org is no longer controlled by AREA Chicago editors or staff. Some content from past issues remains on the areachicago.org site, but  links to AREA Chicago former editors or staff do not work for areachicago.org site.