Issue 15


AREA Chicago #15 was released December 6th, 2015

Table of Contents

Healing + Repair

Resistance and Survival


Within and Against (The Law)

Coming Together in Struggle

  • Do Black Disabled Lives Matter? Timotheus Gordon
  • Mycelium: A Reflection Upon Our Interconnectedness by Michael Tekhen Strode
  • Thea Healing Justice Teaching Circle by Stephanie Camba, Nina Metsovaara, Erin Raether and Tanuja Jagernauth
  • What We Bring Home by Kelly Hayes with Ejeris Dixon and Ash Stephens
  • How to Stop First Responders form Killing Us? A Disability Rights Forum on Stephon’s Law featuring Danelene Powell-Watts, Candace Coleman and Carrie Kaufman
  • You Can Chew Anything, You can Eat Any Shark: A Conversation About Trauma Center Struggles by Veronica Morris Moore
  • Good Day and Good Mental Health by Phylis Humphries
  • Making it Our Own by members of Escolta St. Snatchers Social Club: Raven Guerrero, Nasstasha Camba, Jenn Buckler, Crystle Dino and Stephanie Camba