YOU ARE _____

[This text was originally published in AREA Chicago #1 in August 2005]

Art Project by You Are Beautiful

We created posters that simply stated “You Are”, with a space to respond. We were curious as to what people were thinking, and even more interested in what someone would stop and take the time to write onto a poster. The posters were placed along sidewalks to catch the passerby, some where it blended in with all the other postings. A marker was taped next to the poster for ease of response. Within a day, all posters had been responded to. Responses ranged from cheeful and excited, to sullen and negative. Some were even covered up with other posters. The responses lead us to realize, that at any given moment, with any specific person, there is a large gamut of emotions we go through on a daily level. Some we should keep to ourselves, and others we should share with the world.

[Images available in printed archive only]

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