AREA#2 Credits

  • Editor: Daniel Tucker
  • Special Section Co-Editor: Micah Maidenberg
  • Editorial Advisor: Jim Duignan
  • Publisher: Stockyard Institute
  • Designer: Dakota Brown
  • Contributing Editors: Micah Maidenberg & Mary Ellen Obias
  • Copyeditors: Liz Birch, Annie Knepler, Aaron Sarver, Cassie Fennel, Alisa Baum and Kristen Cox
  • Proofreaders: Brett Bloom, Phoebe Connelly and Jamillah James
  • Advisors: Annie Knepler. Kristen Cox, Dan S. Wang, Carrie Spitler, Emily Forman, Claire Pentecost, Dakota Brown, Ryan Hollon, Miguel Cortez, Rebecca Zorach
  • Thanks to Rosie Presti, Martha Boyd, Margo Davion, Center for Tactical Magic, Nick Day, Todd Tucker, Issue #1 contriburors who helped distribute AREA in their respective communities, Live from the Heartland on WLUW, Chicago Cultural Center, Barbara Koenen, Art Interactive (Boston), 16 Beaver (NYC), Dinamo (Budapest), Gallery Nova/WHW (Zagreb)
  • Inspiring Publications: Green Pepper (Amsterdam), Republic Art (Pan-Europe), Journal  of Aesthetics and Protest (Los Angeles), Mute (England), Journal of Ordinary Thought (Chicago), Next American City (US), Spacing (Toronto), Derive (Vienna), Nitty Gritty News (Chicago), Baffler (Chicago), Brooklyn Rail (New York City), Ephemera (Online)
  • Colophon: AREA was laid out entirely in ApexSans and ApexSerif which was generously donated by Chester. Thanks Chester!
  • Rights & Reproductions: Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5)

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