[This text was originally published in AREA Chicago #9 in November 2009]

This issue of AREA was released on November 1, 2009 at the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago. 5,000 copies were printed.

Edited by Dan S. Wang and Rebecca Zorach

Designed by Jerome Grand

Founding Editor Daniel Tucker

Contributing Editor Mairead Case

Interns Sarah Smizz, Ashley Weger

Project Advisors Martha Boyd, Carrie Breitbach, Naomi Davis, Euan Hague, Jeff Helgeson, Jayne Hileman, Samuel Á Love, Abraham Mwaura, Dinah Ramirez, Anthony Rayson, Bert Stabler, Charles Vinz

Copyediting Mairead Case, Robin Hewlett, Donna Kiser, Eric Allix Rogers, Sarah Smizz, Charles Vinz

Current Advisors Dakota Brown, Mairead Case, Frank Edwards, Jake Elliott, Jerome Grand, Beth Gutelius, Amanda Gutierrez, Euan Hague, Robin Hewlett, Jayne Hileman, Ryan Hollon, Lisa Lee, Steve Macek, David Marques, Lee Ann Norman, Dave Pabellon, Laurie Palmer, Gabriel Piemonte, Therese Quinn, Jason Reblando, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Abby Satinsky, David Omotoso Stovall, Naomi Walker, Rachel Wallis, Ashley Weger, Eric Triantafillou, Daniel Tucker, Charles Vinz, Rebecca Zorach

Fiscal Sponsor Experimental Station

Support AREA Each issue requires a minimum of $7,000 to produce. Every little bit counts. To make an online donation see
To write a check, please make payment to “Experimental Station” (write AREA Chicago Donation in the memo line) and mail to AREA Chicago, P.O. Box 476971, Chicago, IL 60647.

Share other resources like printing, computers, food, your skills, cars for delivering the publication and many more things we cannot anticipate until you step up and propose them.

Internships AREA is now accepting interns for 3, 6 or 12 month periods. Get in touch if you are interested. Internships are unpaid.

Another Chicago Our email newsletter is named Another Chicago and is a great way to keep up to date with this project and tons of other events and initiatives throughout Chicago. Email to subscribe.

Contributors Group Would you like to help AREA Chicago? We are always looking for new collaborators. You can write or copy edit for the publication, distribute the paper, volunteer at events, hold a fundraiser, write a grant proposal, do an interview, contribute blog posts, propose new ideas, help with outreach, make food and a lot more. If you are interested, email

Teachers Board If you are interested in using AREA in the classroom, please get in touch to discuss curriculum ideas.

Thanks to Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Jocelyn Brown, Chuck Lee, Faheem Majeed and the South Side Community Art Center, Joe Proulx, Stephanie Smith, Sherry Williams, travis, the Orientation Center, Chicago State University, Hotel Florence-Pullman State Historic Site.

The printing of this issue was funded by the Smart Museum and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. Support for production, research, and staff came through a variety of grassroots initiatives such as a fundraising dinner hosted by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the July Peace Party at Danny’s Tavern organized by Joe Proulx and DJ’d by Jocelyn Brown, individuals who purchased and donated art at our “25 works for $25 Art Sale” (with art from Rachel Wallis, Anthony Elms, Rebecca Zorach, Emily Piper Forman, Jayne Hileman, Mary Sea, Jerome Grand, Frank Edwards, Jason Reblando, Justin Goh, Samuel Love, Borys Niewiadomski, Seth Kammueller, Dave Pabellon, Paul Sargent, Laurie Palmer, Mike Bancroft, Naomi Leibowitz, CAFF Collective, Daniel Tucker, Michael Coolidge, Allison Havens, Earl Secrest, Dave Marques, Sam Sieger), and the organizations that purchased $10, $20, and $40 Adlistings in this issue of AREA. Special thanks go to Rachel Wallis for working on AREA’s fundraising infrastructure in the spring and summer.

AREA Chicago is typeset in Apex New, Apex Serif and Apex Compact by Chester Jenkins and Newzald by Kris Sowersby. Both font families were generously donated by the Village type foundry,

Founding Designer Dakota Brown.

Rights and ReproductionsCreative Commons Deed Attribution / Non-Commercial / No Derivative

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