Project Overview

[This text was originally published in AREA Chicago #7 in December 2008]

68/08 Project Overview

A Project In Residence at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

Organized by AREA Chicago

6808 overview

The 68/08 initiative consisted of multiple endeavors occurring on their own timelines in 2008, each investigating the legacy of 1968 in contemporary social movements, arts, and education. A release event for the magazine was held at the Hull House Museum on December 6, 2008. The Elements of the Project were:

Commissions/Travel Stipends

Documentation, events or texts to be published in AREA 68/08—receiving $250 assistance grant from AREA: 
Margo Crawford (Travel Stipend)
James Tracy & Amy Sonnie (Travel Stipend)
Eric Triantafillou (Production Stipend)
Nicole Garneau (Production Stipend)
Sam Barnett (Production Stipend)


Events that AREA helped to publicize and co-organize:
Spook Who Sat By The Door (Screening and Discussion) at Backstory Cafe. Organized with the Midwest Radical Cultural Corridor.
Looks Like Freedom Exhibition and Event Series at DOVA Temporary Gallery. Organized with Rebecca Zorach’s University of Chicago class on 1968 in Chicago.
Archiving ‘68 Panel Discussion at DOVA Temporary Gallery. Organized with Looks Like Freedom exhibition.
Backstory Cafe 1968 in Chicago Film Series at Experimental Station. Organized with Backstory Cafe and Looks Like Freedom exhibition.
Chicago 10 Screening and Panel Discussion at Chicago Cultural Center. Organized with ITVS, The Public Square, and WTTW.
Intergenerational Dialogue on the Black Arts Movement with Bob & Margo Crawford at Southside Community Arts Center. Organized with Looks Like Freedom exhibition.
Open House for Alternative Press Centre at In These Times. Organized with Chicago Underground Library.
AREA #7: 68/08 Magazine Release Party. Organized with the help of our advisory group and the Jane Addams Hull House Museum.


This issue of AREA on the theme of the legacy of 1968 in Chicago.

Reading Group

This group met for 3 months in 2007 in order to conceptualize this project.
Participants included:
Eric Triantafillou, Toussaint Losier, Ryan Hollon, Adam Kader, Rebecca Zorach, Mairead Case, Aaron Sarver, Sam Barnett, Matt Malooley,  Joseph Grim Feinberg, Alex Blanchette ,and Amanda Klonsky.
The readings were:
Power and the Idealists: Or, The Passion of Joschka Fischer, and its Aftermath. by Paul Berman (Softskull Press, 2005)
The Imagination of the New Left: A Global Analysis of 1968. by George Katsiaficas (South End Press, 1999)


Featuring 10 guest correspondents from throughout the county posting 68/08 related articles and announcements.

Bloggers include: Malav Kanuga (NYC), Sam Gould (Portland), Rebecca Zorach, Daniel Tucker, Kelly Burdick (NYC), Kazembe Balagun (NYC), Robert Herbst (LA), and more.

Other Organizations’ events

remembering 1968 in Chicago in 2008: AREA helped to promote these events through our Another Chicago events newsletter
11/09/07 Movement for a Democractic Society events at Loyola with a ‘68 reflection
11/10/08 SNCC History Project presents Freedom Singers concert
2/08/08 Revisit 1968 at the Chicago History Museum
3/6/08 League of Revolutionary Black Workers sceening at Mess Hall with 49th St Underground
3/13/08 Ultra Left: Workerists and Gauchistes around 1968 discussion at Mess Hall
4/5/08 France 1968 Panel at New World Resource Center
5/1/08 The Wobblies and 1968 on May Day at the Newberry Library
5/8/08 40 Years After 1968 Panel organized by Platypus (canceled)
5/15/08 ISO may ‘68 event at Decima Musa
6/6/08 Northwestern University Hosts 1968/2008: The Aesthetics of Engagement conference
6/8/08 Spook Who Sat by the Door screening and discussion with Sam Greenlee at Backstory Cafe
7/3/08 SNCC and Freedom Schools Discussion at Chicago Freedom School
7/11/08 Youth Participation in Chicano Freedom Movement at Chicago Freedom School
7/11/08 Lumpen Releases 1968 Anniversary Issue of their Magazine
8/6/08 1968 Revisited with Marylyn Katz and Don Rose at Yoshi’s Café
8/10/08 AREA BBQ and Launch of 68/08 Project
8/14/08 I was There Reflection on ‘68 DNC Protests at Chicago History Museum
8/15-17/08 looks like freedom: art, politics, and urban space / around 1968 / Chicago at DOVA Temporary Gallery
8/17/08 Backstory Cafe starts 2 month long ‘68 Film Fest
8/22-28/08 Filming the ’68 Revolution Film Fest at Facets Cinémathèque
8/25/08 Sam Barnett Lecture on the 1968 April Riot oral history project at Westwood College
8/28/08 Re-enact 68 in Grant Park
9/19/08 Radicals in Black and Brown photo exhibit at DePaul’s John T. Richardson Library
9/21/08 40 Year Struggle: Young Lords Celebration at the San Lucas United Church of Christ
9/26/27 David Dorfman Dance’s Performance Underground
9/27/08 Chicago 10 Screening at the Chicago Cultural Center
10/2/08 Anniversary of 1968 Tlatelolco massacre in Mexico at Decima Musa
10/3/08 1968 In Latin America Programs at the University of Illinois, Chicago
10/23/08 Intergenerational Dialogue with Bob and Margo Crawford at Southside Community Arts Center
10/24/08 AREA and CUL Welcomes Alternative Press Centre to Chicago
10/25/08 After 1968: Art, Politics, History at DePaul University
12/6/08 AREA 68/08 Release Party at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

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