General Bibliography

[This text was originally published in AREA Chicago #6 in June 2008]

general bibliography

Understanding Neoliberalism

The Shock Doctine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
by Naomi Klein

A Brief History of Neoliberalism
by David Harvey

Spaces of Neoliberalism
by Neil Brenner and Nik Theodore

Contesting Neoliberalism: Urban Frontiers (Paperback)
by Helga Leitner, Jamie Peck, Eric S. Sheppard

The Neoliberal City: Governance, Ideology, and Development in American Urbanism
by Jason Hackworth

Barrio Dreams: Puerto Ricans, Latinos, and the Neoliberal City
by Arlene D√°vila

The Twilight of Equality: Neoliberalism, cultural politics and the attack on democracy
by Lisa Duggan.

Where Are Poor People to Live?: Transforming Public Housing Communities
Edited by Larry Bennett, Janet L. Smith, Patricia A. Wright

The Origin of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit
By Thomas J. Sugrue


American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley
by Adam Cohen and Elizabeth Taylor

Bitter Fruit: Black Politics and the Chicago Machine, 1931-1991
by William J. Grimshaw

Grafters and Goo Goos: Corruption and Reform in Chicago, 1833-2003
by James L. Merriner

The Encyclopedia of Chicago
Edited by James R. Grossman, Ann Durkin Keating, Janice L. Reiff

The Pig and the Skyscraper: Chicago: A History of Our Future
by Marco D’Eramo

Remaking Chicago: The Political Origins of Urban Industrial Change
by Joel Rast

CPS and Charters in Chicago

Kenwood Oakland Community Organization: (773) 548-7500

Blocks Together:

Save Senn Coalition:

Pilsen Alliance: (312) 243-5440

Parents United for Responsible Education:

Designs for Change:

Teachers for Social Justice:

Teachers Against Militarized Education: contact:

Small Schools:

Alternative Schools Network:

Neighborhood Capital Budget Group (RIP):

Community Renewal Society / Catalyst Chicago:

Substance News:

Chicago Board of Education:

Chicago Teachers Pension Fund:

Further Reading: Education

High Stakes Education: Inequality, Globalization, and Urban School Reform
by Pauline Lipman

Radical Possibilities: Public Policy, Urban Education, and A New Social Movement
by Jean Anyon

The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America
by Jonathan Kozol

Teach Freedom: Education for Liberation in the African American Tradition
edited by Charles Payne and Carol Sills Strickland

The White Architects of Black Education: Ideology and Power in America, 1865-1954
by William Watkins

Pledging Allegiance: The Politics of Patriotism in America’s Schools
edited by Joel Westheimer

Right to be Hostile: Schools, Prisons, and the Making of Public Enemies
by Erica Meiners

Troubling Education: Queer Activismand Anti-Oppressive Pedagogy
by Kevin Kumashiro

For God and Country: Conservatism and American School Policy
by Catherine Lugg

Capitalizing on Disaster: Breaking and Taking Public Schools
by Kenneth J. Saltman


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